Providing foreign Medias with the following services:
  • Initial services ( Press visa,Official permission,Press Card , Hotel Booking,Transportation)
  • Interpreter
  • Camera crew and ENG Crew.
  • Internet and sattelite services (live Studio,Play out)
  • News Services(News package,feature,documentary)

Our Services for Foreign Media and Networks in Iran

Journalists need press visa to enter Iran, press card to work inside Iran, permissions to work in certain locations, interpreters, arrangements for interviews with officials and non-officials, technical services, special services and other general services.
The main field of our activities is to render services to foreign media in Iran. Due to the nature of the journalistic work here in Iran, journalists need a company to offer them special and related services so that they can work i without any hassle.
Our goal in NNC is to provide such a relief for our clients. The feedback provided by our clients show that we have successfully satisfied the journalists.

Nevertheless, we always welcome any comments helping to improve our services.

NNC Live Services

NNC Satellite Group is providing uplink, live positions, and play out (Image Transmission System) From Iran.

Euro (IOEC)
  Euro (IOEC)
Euro (IOEC)
Date: 2009/10/03

Euronews (IKCO)
  Euronews (IKCO)
Euronews (IKCO)
Date: 2009/09/26

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